How to work with a fashion stylist

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A Stylist is your secret key to a blog or a fashion magazine’s pages. Often, they are the ones who bring young designers and emerging fashion brands in front of the fashion editor’s eyes. We spoke with Lauren Jobling, a London-based stylist at Wardrobe Doctor to find out how to work with a fashion stylist if you’re an emerging designer brand.

Fashion Stylist Lauren Jobling 'Wardrobe Doctor' on set with the blogger Ariella
Fashion Stylist Lauren ‘Wardrobe Doctor’ on set with the blogger Ariella
Fashion Bloc: What is the best way for a designer to connect with the stylists?

Wardrobe Doctor: They can do this through network sites such as Fashion Monitor. Or source feeds on Instagram! Most of the times stylists are credited on Social Media which will then allow the designer to find their contact details.

FB: How stylists work with independent designers?

This very much depends on what the designer is looking for and their brief. Usually, the designer will provide a brief for the stylist so the stylist can prep accordingly for the shoot. This includes location, model, hair and makeup. It is vital that the stylist and hair and MUA are on the same page.

Blogger Ariella 'My Boring Wardrobe'
Blogger Ariella ‘My Boring Wardrobe’
FB: Have you noticed any mistakes that young designers make when trying to get PR for their brand?

Using the wrong influencer for their brand is a big mistake designers often make when trying to promote their brand. Don’t focus too much on numbers, but look at the engagement the influencer gets and their interaction. Ask yourselves if their followers are your target audience, as if they’re not, then working with that influencer is pointless.

FB: How do you look for designers to work with?

I work with start-up brands and designers so I am a part of a start-up Facebook groups and entrepreneurial groups. I also get recommended. Word of mouth is so powerful.

FB: Designers/emerging brands often see fashion journalists as a go-to source when planning their PR strategies, what is the reality?

The reality is online. Journalists are very busy and will only work on pieces that are key to them. So what might seem like a good story for you, may not be for them. The best way to generate good publicity is a good story you can tell yourself.

FB: How fashion stylists work with fashion media?

Stylists work with the media on targeted campaigns and can sometimes work in-house in publications. They are usually the ones in the middle of the brands and the press.

Blogger Ariella 'My Boring Wardrobe'
Blogger Ariella ‘My Boring Wardrobe’
FB: What should a designer expect from working with a stylist?

100% professionalism. Honesty and another eye to show you different ways your styles can look. It is important to have a stylist as they will know the looks the press want to see. Stylists also think about things from different perspectives which designers may not see when looking at their own collection.

FB: How to find a perfect designer-stylist match?

This would be a face to face meeting and showcasing of the collection. If the stylist doesn’t see the designer’s vision, then the match won’t work. The stylist has to be fully immersed in the designer’s vision and collection.

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