Industry insider: how to work with a wholesale agency?

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As a young designer or an emerging fashion brand, most of you will know that when the sales season hits it is good to be under the roof of a sales agency that will help you make that deal. But what is it like to work with a wholesale agent and what does it take? We catch up with Antonina Krokhina, a Commercial Director at the Paris-based agency and showroom Find a Name to find out more. 

Fashion Bloc: Why have you chosen Paris as your business base?

Antonina Krokhina: Paris is a very special place on the market, it is as classical and conservative in its vision of fashion as new and advanced in the representation of new trends. Paris is a global village, you will have a small community with worldwide connections available to you.

FB: Can you explain what is a wholesale showroom and how do you work with designers?

AK: Wholesale showroom is a platform that offers a link between the designer and the global market. Services that we offer to our brands could be allocated in 3 stages: 1) Preparation stage where we assess and analyse current and future situation and environment of the brand, i.e. positioning, attributes, DNA, development strategy, target stores and marketing tools 2) Implementation, the stage of applying to all the designated tools for launch, promotion and pre-sales activities 3) Sales and after sales follow up, the stage where we meet the buyers in our showroom and close on sales .

Find a Name Website fashion bloc
Find a Name Website


FB: When a designer is ready to work with an agency? How much will it cost them per month (approximately)?

AK: Designer needs to be able to produce one collection every season, have reliable production capacity and strong visual content for social media and press. Cost may vary depending on the country of origin, costs of all the components and designer’s connections in the industry.

FB: What advice do you have for a brand that has never worked with an agent before?

AK: Fashion is a business; it has to have a real audience, real recourses, and realistic goals. 

Find a Name Wholesale Agency Showroom designers
Find a Name Wholesale Agency Showroom designers

FB: How agents work with buyers, stores?

AK: It is as any other businesses formula of supply and demand. We have the brands and stores have final clients who are seeking for the brands to wear. The difficult part is to find the brand that everyone wants.

FB: What will the agency do that a designer couldn’t do independently?

AK: Provide advice and guidance for the development and connection to the stores, both come only with experience being in the industry and in the markets.

FB: What are you looking for in a brand?

AK: Consistency and a realistic approach to business.


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