Designer stories: Deimante is disregarding the rules

Deimante Litvinaite Designer stories Tadam!

Deimante Litvinaite is a beautiful young woman behind Tadam! – a costume jewellery brand often referred to as jewellery deserts. Today, Tadam! is one of the best-known jewellery brands in Lithuania which started as a… postcard business.

In our new ‘Designer stories’ series we speak with Fashion Bloc designers, people behind the labels to find out more about their inspirations, daily life, what they brief, where and how they spend their days. With the series of interviews, we celebrate the craftsmanship of our talented independent designers and answer the question ‘Who made my clothes?’.

Deimante Litvinaite Designer stories Tadam!
Deimante Litvinaite Tadam!

Fashion Bloc: When and how did it all start?

Deimante Litvinaite: In 2012, I and my cousin came up with an idea to start making postcards and similar tiny treats that are playful and make people smile. In about a year the idea has changed to the present day Tadam! – Jewellery deserts. The ‘aw’ effect and playfulness is still at the core of the brand identity.

FB: What was your main occupation in 2012 before you launched Tadam!?

DL: I was working at the Creative Ad agency as a designer. My job was tied to the computer screen and I wasn’t entirely happy. The good thing was though, that my employer didn’t mind me having a venture of my own at the time.

Tadam! Design Fashion Agency London
Tadam! Design

FB: When you just started, what skills or knowledge did you lack, you think?

DL: I think I wasn’t aware of many things. For example, I didn’t think that a human contact is a key to a successful business relationship. I was too demanding and sometimes too strict to some of the suppliers, I didn’t know how to make contact with people and wanted to go straight to the point thinking that this approach will make things done. In reality, only when you make a genuine contact, you can hope for a business partnership that is relaxed and based on trust.

Tadam! Design Fashion Agency London
Tadam! Design

FB: What percentage of your day is occupied by Tadam!?

DL: It used to be a 100% occupation. I remember a year when I didn’t have any breaks. Everything was always about Tadam!, with Tadam! and for Tadam!. This obsession brought positive business results but with a price tag attached. I had to sacrifice my personal life, relationships with friends, holidays, etc. Today, I’m more relaxed about the business and the happenings in the fashion and business world in general. I’m not overdoing, I try to enjoy everyday joys, unrelated to the fashion business.

FB: Where do you live, tell us about your city?

DL: I live in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. It’s a charismatic city that I love. Vilnius is small, compact and convenient. Vilnius is full of vibe – culture, coffee shops, arts and happenings. This city is growing and changing every day just the way a perfect city should.

FB: What helps you grow your brand?

DL: A relaxed approach and understanding that everything is just a game – serious and not serious at the same time.

Tadam! Design Fashion Agency London
Tadam! Design

FB: What do you like to do when you don’t work?

DL: Nature has become an important part of my life recently. I like to sometimes escape from the changing city lines to the static harmony of nature. Nature is harmony while a city is a space to compete. I’m not trying to choose, I see myself in both environments for now.

I also enjoy documentaries, self-improvement literature, meditation, yoga, sports, new places and new experiences.

Tadam! Tiny Treat Collection and new logo jewellery dessert Fashion Agency London
Tadam! Tiny Treat Collection and new logo

FB: Do you have a rule that you never break?

DL: I think that the rules are breaking into pieces inside my head. I think, that having rules is restricting yourself to be open and in the present. Disregarding the rules is my current state.

FB: What piece of advice can you give to a designer that is just starting of?

DL: My advice would be less concerned about what’s happening around you (in terms of other businesses) and to not get involved in the competitive environment. It’s much better to find your unique mechanism of doing things, trust your gut and mind and find a way to make yourself and others smile.

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