WINNER: Polish designer Klaudia Markiewicz goes to New York

Klaudia Markiewicz wins a Fashion Bloc competition to be a part of the Fashion Week Brooklyn

Celebrating emerging talent from upcoming fashion capitals, namely, Central and Eastern Europe, we are proud to present a 27-year-old Polish designer Klaudia Markiewicz as a winner of our competition that we announced earlier this year as a part of the DIY Fashion Agency together with the BK Style Foundation, an organization behind the Fashion Week Brooklyn.

Fashion Bloc has dedicated one sponsored show at Fashion Week Brooklyn to a selected designer (worth $2500). Klaudia Markiewicz has been invited to participate at FWBK as a Fashion Bloc delegate representing a new wave of talented Eastern European designers.

Before Klaudia and her team heads-off to New York next week to show her collection Contact, we caught up with the designer so you get to know her better.

CONTACT by Klaudia Markiewizc
CONTACT by Klaudia Markiewicz

Fashion Bloc: Klaudia, tell us a bit more about your brand, your team and the context of your label.

Klaudia Markiewicz: I’ve started with my brand in 2014. I’m based in Poland, in Łódź (the name of the city means “boat”). It’s the city with unique history, that was very famous in the 19th century. At that time, Łódź established itself as the largest textile-manufacturing centre in Central and Eastern Europe. It was referred to as “the promised land” attracting many entrepreneurs, tradesmen, bankers and workers flocking into the city from all over Europe. So, I’m really proud that I’m a part of this city. I also manufacture locally. And people from my design team are from here, so I’m really connected to this place, of course, in good way.

CONTACT by Klaudia Markiewizc
CONTACT by Klaudia Markiewicz

I’m kind of a local person, but I’m trying to showcase my work internationally. Since the beginning of my brand, I presented my collections in 10 countries at: FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland, Belarus Fashion Week, Salone del Mobile in Milan (Italy), London Design Fair / Tent London (England), Salone della Moda Rotterdam (Holland), Mados Infekcija (Lithuania), Slovak Fashion Week, Lviv Fashion Week (Ukraine), Ostrava Fashion Week (Czech Republic), Riccione Fashion Week (Italy) and Apolda European Design Awards (Germany). And now it’s time for New York!

FB: When and how did you become a fashion designer?

KM: I’m 27. I did my Masters of Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (yup, still the same city) and now I‘m a PhD student. I launched my brand after my first degree and just after that I was invited to show my graduate collection at the Fashion Week Poland. That was big to me, I then realised that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, 100% .

FB: What do you think about the Polish fashion industry? Is it changing?

KM: Yes it is, but not in good way. It’s really hard to be a fashion designer in Poland. But I’m still hoping for a brighter future.

CONTACT by Klaudia Markiewizc
CONTACT by Klaudia Markiewicz

FB: What are you hoping to get out of the participation at Fashion Week Brooklyn?

KM: I always wanted to show my collection in NY. FWBK is really important point in my career. It means to me that hard work makes your dreams come true. It proves that you can’t give up even if it’s not easy and also keeps my hopes high. Maybe it sounds like a cliché but it’s really so. I know that everything ‘s possible now! Thank you for having me.

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