by Ieva Zu

My professional goal is to help emerging fashion designers grow. My professional and (more often than not) personal life is built around it. Fashion business course ‘How to grow internationally’ is one of the means to achieve this goal.

What does it take to build a successful venture? Be it a bakery, bicycle repair shop, tech start-up or a fashion business. It takes, without any doubts, courage, dedication, more dedication, passion, hard work, more hard work, connections, never-ending learning & industry know-how, more connections, mentors, frequent reality checks that might lead to pivots, more courage. And a bit of luck.

Fashion Business Course 2.0. ‘How to grow internationally’ is our second edition of the successful fashion business development course in London for emerging fashion designers who have most of the above-mentioned ingredients just need to top-up with industry know-how, connections and mentors to grow to the next level. Our pilot course in February 2017 proved the concept – learning from top-notch industry professionals is a rewarding and empowering experience.

Fashion Business Course panel discussion 'Opportunities vs Reality' at Istituto Marangoni London photo Laura Gedvilaite Fashion Agency London
Fashion Business Course panel discussion ‘Opportunities vs Reality’ at Istituto Marangoni London photo Laura Gedvilaite


“Industry insiders who have been working closely with emerging brands and may give mentoring advises and tips was the best value for money” 

Being a fashion entrepreneur and having learned the industry ins and outs through my professional experiences, I know how important it is to have a network of professionals who can advise you as well as a social network that can support you. At Fashion Business Course we aim to provide both – our course is an intimate affair, this year again we will be accepting a small number of brands from across international fashion markets. In this way, everyone gets to know each other over the course of three days and have a chance to personally connect with our teachers.

Coming back to the eponymous location of Istituto Marangoni on London’s Fashion Street, we will be hosting workshops, masterclasses and lectures taught by more than 10 industry experts that include fashion buyers, sales agents, digital marketing, communication professionals, social media influencers and financial advisors.

Fashion Business Course at Istituto Marangoni London photo Laura Gedvilaite Fashion Agency London
Fashion Business Course at Istituto Marangoni London photo Laura Gedvilaite

Our team at Fashion Bloc is very excited and working hard building an even better course to continuously develop the next generation of global fashion brands.

The registration is now open. As places are of limited capacity, your application will be assessed by industry professionals. We will, however, get back to all the applicants.

Find out more, and apply on our official Fashion Business Couse page or simply email at if you have any questions or need assistance.


Moments from our Fashion Business Course 1.0