New Year Wishes 2018: Make an Impact

Celsius 273 New Year Wishes

May your Christmas be white and your New Year be very colourful! The Christmas bit might not get real if you, like us, are based in London. But for the New Year Wishes we mean it – we wish you as many colours as you need in your life to enjoy every day to its fullest!

Traditionally, we also asked some of our designers to share their wisdom with our readers and inspire us all with their seasonal greetings and New Year Wishes. As you will find, our designers are very cautious and responsible human beings, caring more about the world than a piece of fashion.


Julia Janus 'Reset' FW17-18
Julia Janus ‘Reset’ FW17-18

Fashion is a perversion of itself unless it makes a positive impact on society. We wish you finding a personal way of being that positive impact

Julia Janus


Celsius 273 New Year Wishes
Celsius 273

I wish to all of us to better feel the city, love every moment of our lives, and eventually love yourself.

Gerda, Celsius273


Dear Freedom FW2018
Dear Freedom FW2018

Lose your mind and find your soul.

Dear Freedom



FOMI New Year Wishes

I wish everyone could find positive angles in any situation of life, only positive thinking can cure the world.

Karolina, FOMI Photo ©Sylwia Szyplik


Zefyras New Year Wishes 2018
Zefyras FW2018

Let the thoughts create your own winter fairy tale.

Viktorija Bugajenko, Zefyras


Diligent Clothes Black Chain Collection Fashion Agency London
Black Chain Collection

We wish 2018 to be the year in which borders are crossed, taboos subjects ceased to exist so we can all freely fulfill our dreams.