Julia Janus SS18: Self vs Universe (VIDEO)

Julia Janus SS18 Solaris Video Campaign

What do you think about the opportunity of taking a spaceship to explore another planet? Are you interested in other worlds? Are you scared of the unknown? What is unknown to you – furthest planets of our universe or deepest secrets of your own nature? Do you know yourself well enough to start exploring the far beneath?

JULIA JANUS SS18 (Spring-Summer) collection is inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s fantastical novel Solaris. The characters of this novel travel to a new planet called Solaris which is surrounded by the ocean that has a consciousness of its own.

In SS18 Video campaign Julia Janus explores water, the ocean, as a mirror for self-exploration. The idea of the campaign is self-reflection and self-discovery. Before reaching out to other planets one should reach out to their inner one and fall in love. A short fashion film explores the notion of identity in the context of the designer’s Baltic roots.

JULIA JANUS SS18 Soliaris | Photo Courtesy Julia Janus
JULIA JANUS SS18 Soliaris | Photo Courtesy Julia Janus

Music is created by a Lithuanian-American composer and musician Abraham Brody. He translates ancient Baltic folklore into a contemporary music soundscape. His newly created song is inspired by an ancient melody from Kuršių Nerija, a Curonian Spit in the Baltic Sea.

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Videography: Vytenis Kriščiūnas

Photography: Gertrūda Varnaitė

Music: Abraham Brody