Beyond Dolce and Versace: Top 6 Upcoming Designers from Milan Fashion Week AW18-19

Milan Fashion Week has just ended with Queen Paris on stage this week and next. Although still often skipped by some fashion industry insiders, Milan has become an interesting scene to discover unique, fresh and fast-forward growing designers among the likes of Gucci, Fendi, Armani, Versace and other Italian icons. Season on season Milan offers a wide selection of home-brewed and international fashion brands with almost 80 on-schedule names. We picked six designers to know this season if you would like to expand your brand horizon behind the usual suspects like Dolce&Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and other star designers.

All brands on our list have an international appeal, are relatively young labels, 10 years or less, and come from diverse backgrounds around the world.

Brognano AW18-19 | Photo Brognano ©Instagram milan fashion week aw18
Brognano AW18-19 Milan Fashion Week | Photo Brognano ©Instagram

Brognano is the youngest brand on the list launched less than three years ago by the Istituto Marangoni alumni Nicola Brognano. Although still young, Brognano demonstrates immaculate attention to detail and creates a modern wardrobe for a sophisticated woman reinterpreting femininity by finding inspiration in masculine daywear uniforms. Looking for a stunning three-piece suite in cream white? Look no further.

Arthur Arbessner AW18-19 Milan Fashion Week | Photo by Arthur Arbessner ©Instagram
Arthur Arbesser AW18-19 Milan Fashion Week | Photo by Arthur Arbesser ©Instagram

Arthur Arbesser. Austrian fashion designer who launched his namesake label in 2013 now stocks his products at the iconic international retailers such as Chicago’s Ikram and Le Bon Marché in Paris. Arthur Arbesser’s career timeline is no different from other now successful young designers: Central Saint Martin’s graduate with a stunt at the established fashion brand to launch its own label. However, for his fashion career, Arthur chose Milan vs London where he moved after his graduation and where he still shows since his debut AW13 collection at Milan Fashion Week.


Vivetta Milan Fashion Week AW18-19 | Photo by Vivetta ©Instagram
Vivetta Milan Fashion Week AW18-19 | Photo by Vivetta ©Instagram

Vivetta. It would be false to call Vivetta a new kid on the fashion bloc as the Italian designer Vivetta Ponti has established her namesake brand in 2009 and has been growing exponentially year on year with the most prestigious stockists around the world counting in hundreds. Vivetta is a fantastic Italian brand that is internationally successful and is at the doorstep of becoming a global brand to reign the fashion world alongside guccies and fendies of the industry. Jump on your instagrams, fashionistas!



Daizy Shely Milan Fashion Week AW18-19 | Photo by Daizy Shely ©Instagram
Daizy Shely Milan Fashion Week AW18-19 | Photo by Daizy Shely ©Instagram

Daizy Shely, an Israel-born 33-year-old moved to Milan in 2009 to study fashion design at Istituto Marangoni. She won a number of emerging designer competitions in Italy, including a special recognition by the Italian fashion godfather Giorgio Armani to show her SS16 collection as a guest designer. Her colourful, bright and mix&match interpretations of contemporary fashion go well in line with a tradition of Italian fashion houses’ maximalist take on RTW. With over 20 international stockists and Instagram’s favourites among her clients, Daizy Shely has made a right decision to embrace Milan Fashion Week and her interest in fashion design.


Stella Jean Milan Fashion week AW18-19 | Photo by Stella Jean ©Instagram
Stella Jean Milan Fashion week AW18-19 | Photo by Stella Jean ©Instagram

Stella Jean, a decade-old brand is created by an Italian-Haitian luxury womenswear designer with widely multicultural references in her collections. Stella Jean made her way to the fashion podium with her menswear collection in 2011 and ventured to launch kidswear, accessories and womenswear. Her exceptional womenswear line is now the main product of the label. Apart from her imaginative collections, reflecting different cultures and nations each season in collaboration with local artisans, her brand value is highly based on human values. Stella Jean has collaborated with United Nations to produce an ethical collection, has been an active mover and shaker of the fashion industry’s supply chain, and is actively promoting ingenious artists globally in a very chic manner. For Milan Fashion Week AW18-19 Stella Jean embraces the unusual friendships at the Olympics.



Ricostru AW18-19 Milan fashion Week aw18-19 | Photo by Ricostru ©Instagram
Ricostru AW18-19 Milan Fashion Week | Photo by Ricostru ©Instagram

Ricostru is a Chinese luxury womenswear brand launched in Guangzhou in 2011 by a Milan-trained designer Rico Manchit Au. Ricostru was showing in Milan under the patronage of Giorgio Armani since 2016 and has established a name in China with a launch of the flagship store in Shanghai. Ricostru was a black sheep among the colourful and outgoing Italian brands in Milan this season. A black sheep that, however, has a very interesting mix of dark and sheer, modern and classic, Europe and Asia.

Milan Fashion Week AW18-19 has become a very interesting stage for emerging and growing designer brands who are young, brave and creative enough to embrace the Italian style and class and bend boundaries. Keep your eyes glued to Italia, folks.