Eastern European Showroom Brings Emerging Fashion Designers

Fashion Infection - Eastern European Showroom Fashion Bloc fashion agency

A well known Lithuanian fashion festival FASHION INFECTION (Mados Infekcija) which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year is launching a new project – Eastern European Showroom. With a strong focus on developing a global network of like-minded people, the event is inviting upcoming European designers and fashion industry representatives to discover progressive fashion brands from the growing Eastern European scene.

Fashion Infection - Eastern European Showroom Fashion Bloc fashion agency
Fashion Infection – Eastern European Showroom | Photo ©Mados Infekcija

Eastern European Showroom is a unique event bringing the best emerging Eastern European brands together. It’s more than a Showroom – it’s a cosy trade show with selected 30-40 best Eastern European Fashion designers who are trying to shape the future of the fashion landscape.

The festival FASHION INFECTION was launched in 1999. Every spring its schedule involves catwalk shows, exhibitions, seminars, showrooms and free events for fashion devotees. The festival has become the most prominent annual fashion event in Lithuania.

The festival is distinguished for its conceptuality. Extraordinary and unconventional fashion shows, the fuse of music, video, photography and other forms of art make the festival a unique experience of fashion. FASHION INFECTION breaks traditional rules of the fashion weeks as it is open to the public with a mission to spread a fashion virus.

For more information and registration, visit: www.easterneuropeanshowroom.com