European plus size designers who break size rules with style

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It seems like a fashion industry is moving the right direction. Slowly or slower than it should but at least some progress is happening. Some of the recent and most obvious changes have been happening in the curve sector. Having cared about the catwalk-sized girls for decades, fashion companies, including high-street labels such as Mango, Coast or Evans, have opened their eyes to see the real world and started adding the so-called plus size lines to their typically minus-size range.

Saying that bigger girls today can also wear designer clothes, extending their wardrobe assortments to stylish pieces as opposed to the figure-hiding-square-bag things. The plus-size movement is even bigger in America, however, there are still too few European designers who cater the modern woman of style. Here’s a selection of European fashion designers who understand that plus-size and style go well together.

Yoek | Photo Courtesy Yoek
Yoek | Photo Courtesy Yoek

FASHION BLOGGER’S FAVOURITE. You don’t have to wear plus-size to understand there is a gap in the market. This happened to the Amsterdam-born model-turned-designer Johanna Timmer three decades ago. Johanna launched Yoek to dress women that are above size 36 without compromising on style and fashion trends. Yoek is still an Amsterdam-based brand that has grown to be one of the favourites among fashion bloggers and editors. Prices vary from £35 for a T-Shirt to £1,399.00 for a shearling winter coat.

Julia Janus Moteris Capsule Fashion Agency London
Julia Janus Moteris Capsule Collection

BEST DISCOVERY. Do you know that feeling when you discover something so great that you almost want to keep it to yourself but at the same time – to share with the world? This is exactly what happened when I watched the AW18 promo campaign of the Lithuanian designer Julia Janus. What an inspirational designer brand Julia Janus is! With their statement ‘Style has no limits’ they celebrate diversity with no compromise on style. Modern and urban designs for both, men and women, look great whether you wear double-XS or triple-XL. They’re just great designer clothes. Prices vary from £60 for a pair of statement leggings to £490 for a wool coat.


AFFORDABLE LEGACY. A Greek duo George and Marianti Moneda established Mat. fashion label in 1998 and it has outgrown its local Greek market since. Mat. has become an affordable plus size fashion brand with a vast selection of styles catering modern, classic and on-trend women. Their production is still kept in-house which is amazing for an established brand. Prices start from £31.99 T-Shirt to £225 faux fur parka.

PLUS SIZE PIONEER. When I met a British fashion designer Anna Scholz in 2011 at London College of Fashion, our MA Fashion Journalism Course Director introduced Anna as a friend and a pioneer in the plus-size fashion industry. Over 6 years ago, plus-size was not on trend while Anna Scholz was already designing trendy fashion staples for women who don’t share the catwalk model size zero. Today Anna Scholz is still one of the best known plus-size fashion designers offering beautiful designer clothes for curvy women. Prices start at £22 for a Jersey Top to £995 for a winter coat.

SUSTAINABLY CHIC. Sustainability is at the heart if this Munich based womenswear brand, all products are designed and responsibly manufactured in Germany. OSKA, same as the Lithuanian Julia Janus, has an all-size approach. What we also like about Oska is a relaxed and unpretentious feel. Most of their tops and bottoms have elasticised or flexible waists, are made of super soft luxury materials and just have that feel-good vibe. Prices vary from £79 for a wool scarf to almost £500 for a wool winter coat.

Julia Janus SS18 Solaris
Julia Janus SS18 Solaris

These European designers are pioneers in the European fashion industry and it’s great to see the positive industry changes where style, size and quality comes in a bundle.