7 Emerging European Designers we love at the LVMH Prize Finals

Marta Jakubowski | Photo ©Instagram emerging european designers

The 2018 edition of LVMH Prize finals in Paris ended with the major Fashion Week calendar. Twenty finalists, young brands or recent fashion design graduates, were presenting their collections to the jury of LVMH Creative Heads and other eponymous fashion figures such as Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Bella Hadid and others.

This year among the Top 20, we’ve seen a bunch of emerging European designers that got us excited, curious and wishful for one of them to take the crown. From Poland to France we travel Europe to discover the (sometimes hard to spell) fashion names you need to know today.

GmbH | Photo ©Instagram
GmbH | Photo ©Instagram

GmbH is a menswear brand from Germany that is making waves on the pages of fashion magazines and in the trendiest fashion stores worldwide. A two-year-old contemporary priced label by the Norwegian-Pakistani Alexander Huseby and Turkish-German Serhat Isik has a strong message and a healthy commercial appeal. A guaranteed success.


Marta Jakubowski | Photo ©Instagram emerging european designers
Marta Jakubowski | Photo ©Instagram

Marta Jakubowski is another German-Polish designer who has been making her mark in London for the last three seasons, sponsored by Newgen at London Fashion Week. Her RTW womenswear brand is always on trend with a distinctive love for the classy style of the early 90s.

Magda Butrym by a Polish designer Magdalena Butrym has been around for ten years. Based out of Poland, Magda Butrym has established itself internationally, including the best-seller newcomer on Net-A-Porter a couple of seasons ago. If you still don’t know this brand name, take a note now.

Magda Butrym | Photo ©Instagram emerging european designers
Magda Butrym | Photo ©Instagram

Edda Gimnes –a London-based Norwegian is still fresh but has made her name among the favourites on the list of emerging designers. Her bold prints inspired by scribbles and her talent for illustration makes Edda stand out.

Africa-born Paris designer Ludovic De Saint Sernin states that his clothes talk about sex. And the statement is obvious. This is the most aesthetic sexualised fashion I’ve ever seen. Designed for gay men but fit for women. Something in between fetish and YSL if that’s even possible. Beautiful.

Ottolinger, a Swiss brand by Cosima Gadient & Christa Bösch have been continuing their distortion fashion infamously celebrated by the young Lee Mcqueen in the 90s. Young designers are definitely closer to the German part of Switzerland – with their Berlin dance culture inspired conceptual contemporary collections.

Botter | Photo ©Instagram emerging european designers
Botter | Photo ©Instagram

Botter is a purely fresh Dutch brand in its second season. Curacao-born Rushemy Botter and his partner Lisi Herrebrugh designs elegant yet bold menswear that stands out by colourful explosions, slogans and reinterpreted classic tailoring.