Is Gender Neutral the Future of Luxury Fashion?

Source: Pink News

The evolution of fashion is both mesmerising and intriguing. More than just fancy fabrics or comfy trainers being worn by fashionistas, it can also symbolise a movement and stand for something bigger. The perfect example in this regard is the rise of gender neutral fashion in today’s trends. From everyday clothing, it is now making its way to luxury fashion, a true testament to the power of this new wave in the industry.

Fashion Bloc presented a list of emerging European designers in the LVMH Prize recently, and some of the announced finalists submitted genderless fashion entries. But before delving straight into luxury fashion, let’s begin to understand its impact on consumers.

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Gender neutral clothing on the market

Pink News shares the frustration of some consumers because gender-neutral fashion has been loosely interpreted by mainstream fashion brands as masculine or baggy clothes. Females are frequently seen rocking traditional masculine designs, but males wearing traditional feminine designs are not as common. People and designers advocating for gender neutral fashion want to break down the previous notion that fashion pieces are either “boyish” or “girly”.

Picture Source: Pink News

Thankfully, luxury fashion is doing its own impressive takes on the genderless aesthetic. In fact, LVMH Director Delphine Arnault revealed that three of the nine finalists in LVMH’s 2018 Young Fashion Designer Prize competition created genderless collections. This is a huge feat for the trend, sending a clear message that it could become the norm in the near future.

Other notable designers known to create genderless collections are JW Anderson, Rick Owens, and Rad Hourani.

Source: Rad Hourani IG
Source: Rad Hourani IG

An all-encompassing trend

The impact of genderless fashion isn’t just on adults’ luxury clothes because it actually starts in childrenswear. Parents usually buy clothes and set up their baby’s nurseries in corresponding colours that match the child’s sex. Categorising everything as pink or blue naturally boxes people into society’s expected gender roles. It adds confusion as kids grow, especially when they find that such expectations don’t sit well with them.

Nowadays, parents opt and support a more gender neutral atmosphere for their kids. Entertainment Daily’s feature on Ferne McCann’s nursery shows that parents can play around with designs, while still adhering to the concept of neutrality. With chic grey interiors, wooden accessories, and unisex toys, the arrangement demonstrates that gender neutrality doesn’t just cover clothes, but also extends to a person’s environment. Some of the designer brands that McCann turned to were Oohnoo and The Modern Nursery.

Source: Ferne McCann IG
Picture Source: Ferne McCann IG

With the efforts made by luxury fashion labels, it’s logical to think that the trend will grow stronger as the years go by. With its mission of being inclusive, there is a strong possibility that the future looks bright for gender neutral fashion.