Why I Still Don’t Have A New Bikini? Ethical Swimwear Guide

Bower Ethical Swimwear brand

Ok, when I say ‘bikini’ I actually mean monokini, most likely. But the question is – why don’t I have one? The answer is – there are too many ethical swimwear brands to chose from. That is fantastic news, by the way.

The real reason I don’t have one yet – I was quite too late to purchase anything online as I am going on holiday tomorrow. But the fact that I counted at least five awesome ethical swimwear brands that are great is totally true. And by ethical I mean they are manufactured of sustainable, most of the time recycled and most of the time ocean plastic recycled materials. What’s not to like?

Here they are, to help you chose the right one just for you. I selected European brands or the brands also available in Europe in case you are a last-minute shopper like me.

Fun and bright on a budget. Sustainable and ethical fashion can sometimes still be pricey. But if you love the basic shape and not at all basic prints, UK-based ethical swimwear brand Batoko is your choice.

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1979 Swimwear. As the name implies, this brand reimagines retro swimwear and bikinis (high-waisted bottoms to be exact) in a sustainable and ecological collection. If you are a fan of the Vintage style and old Hollywood movies, this German brand is your choice.

Bright classics. I have a crush on the Eco Flash Collection by the German swimwear brand My Marini. This collection is made of recycled fisher nets and is a perfect summer combination of neon pink and orange. All their products are reversible. Just saying.

Ecolux edition. The only reason I still don’t own a Bower monokini is that the one I love is in pre-order and I am a last minute dot com type of a shopper. Bower’s prices are steep but they definitely hit the design and quality standard to claim the eco-lux title.

Star brand. Mara Hoffman is an American beachwear designer whom you can find on netaporters and the likes. The good thing is – she is versatile and never boring. One more good thing is – she is easily attainable outside the US via well-known e-commerce partners.

Have a good swim!