Pioneers in Sustainable Modern Fashion

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As technology advances, the need for sustainable avenues becomes more necessary to protect the earth and all living things in the future. Sustainability can come from many channels in fashion, using ethical factories for manufacturing, investing profits into safeguarding areas around the world and helping those in need progress using fair trade. Here’s a look at four Pioneers in sustainable modern fashion that are influencing real change.


Everlane is a brand that is open about every practice within their manufacturing and retail process. Everlane offers an exceptional quality of clothing that is manufactured in ethical factories all around the world. With factories in the USA, Peru, Europe and Asia, Everlane has become a sustainable brand offering all their employees fair wages, reasonable working hours and an environmentally friendly workplace. The brand is aware that it costs more to buy their products and spreads awareness onto customers, on their website it is known as radical transparency, videos and descriptions are all available to explain the reasoning behind everything they do.

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A blend of fashion and functionality comes from Patagonia. The brand was originally an outdoor company offering premium equipment and clothes for any outdoor activities. Early in the brand’s life, it began to start considering the impacts on the environment when creating clothing, from here it becomes a sustainable brand that looks to repair and invest in saving the world. With a focus of the cutting and burning of tropical forests, the rapid loss of groundwater, acid rain, the ruin of rivers and global warming, Patagonia invests a lot of time and money into saving the environment. This brand isn’t as expensive as competitors either, although it is considered a premium brand, it’s good to know the extra cost has been put into a good cause.

Reformation Clothing

A women’s fashion brand that offers beautiful clothing created by people putting the world first. Reformation puts sustainability at the core of everything they do, their business’s infrastructure has been designed to minimise their waste, water and energy footprints. The ethical label has created an algorithm to calculate the carbon dioxide, water and waste used to manufacture their garments and what they need to do to reduce all of the footprints they’ve created. The brand knows they are not entirely sustainable yet, but they are moving in the right direction and the offer superior designs and quality to match the costs of their ethical collection.


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A Brand born from the global phenomenon, Supreme. The former creative director of Supreme, Brendon Babenzien has created the streetwear label Noah which has been influenced by two core beliefs, street culture and sustainability. One of Noah’s recent products includes a garment to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, along with contributions toward issues like pesticides and ocean pollution. The ethically minded brand is also continually working to produce their products through sustainable practices, it’s a luxury brand that offering premium designer garments with more than just style put into the process.

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More and more brands are looking for ways to tailor their operations in a way that helps the environment and others around them. Next time you’re looking for streetwear, a dress or a jacket, it’s always worthwhile looking into the background of the brand and seeing what their ethos is.

Vicky Layton Guest Blogger
Vicky Layton Guest Blogger

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