Louis Vuitton Evolution: How To Successfully Rebrand A Colossus

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The French Maison, worldwide renowned as Louis Vuitton started to make a lot of changes recently, which has come from people who joined the leading brand’s team. First and foremost, Virgil Abloh is the new men’s creative director, which was heavily anticipated by the fact that the brand participated in many collaborations with streetwear brands in the past three years (Supreme above all). With that being said, rebranding their entire catalogue wasn’t an easy task, especially because the process could have been more harmful than helpful (moving a high-class brand to a streetwear environment is probably the hardest process within the fashion industry).

Virgil’s Touch

Abloh is probably the most influential person in the fashion business currently, which is why we can expect big things coming from the French brand in the near future. With many high-level pieces that could potentially destroy the previous collaboration with Supreme. Many are the ones waiting for a partnership between Virgil’s very own brand OFF-White and Louis Vuitton, but the designer already said that it’s very unlikely to happen, because he has stated he wants to separate his work with OW from LV.

That being said, we can easily state that LV’s boutiques will be incredibly flashy this upcoming fall and winter.

Not Just Streetwear

Louis Vuitton has always been renowned for their accessories, bags and sunglasses. Many brands indeed tried to copy LV’s style, even the ones who are focusing on luxury swimwear, which confirms why the brand has a status quo within the industry. Even with all the major changes within their team, this is still their primary focus in production. If there’s an easy thing that could be said about the French brand, it’s that they’ve always been focused on quality: with precisely tailored pieces and high-quality materials, in fact, all their pieces are incredible.

While streetwear will definitely be a big focus within the company, their high-class, boutique level feeling will keep on going regardless of the creative director’s choice.

“Ready To Wear Is the New Leitmotif”

Louis Vuitton was in the spotlight during the recent fashion weeks, either because of their new creative director and, most of all, because everyone wanted to see how the brand would have reacted to the streetwear boom. Surprisingly, the boutique brand’s team was smart enough to showcase very polite RTW pieces that had space as their central theme. This was an incredibly smart move from the brand, who broke down the constant flashiness of all the other brands that were showing streetwear on streetwear.

To Conclude

While it’s important to state the fact that LV is indeed also moving towards the streetwear world, their class will remain unvaried in the upcoming years, which is why we can easily say that the brand had a fantastic rebranding process.

Vicky Layton Guest Blogger
Vicky Layton Guest Blogger

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