4 Of The Best Places To Dress Up In 2018

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In the current decades, one of the biggest trends in entertainment and socialization we’ve seen is that people have less and less reason to leave the home. This is sometimes framed as some terrible development that’s setting us on a path toward living our lives in VR, but there doesn’t have to be a negative connotation. The simple fact of the matter is that everything from FaceTime, to video streaming, to online shopping, has incentivized us to stay home rather than go out. Most of the time, it’s wonderfully convenient! One group for whom it can be something of a drag, however, are fashion-forward.

Without getting way into it, the basic point is simple: you’re not going to wear your little black dress or the last outfit you picked out at your favourite store to sit inside and stream the latest Netflix Original! There are in a sense fewer opportunities to get out and dress up. Really though it’s up to you to make those opportunities, which is why we’re pointing out four enduring places where showing off your smart wardrobe is still completely normal.

Fancy Restaurants

Way back in January of 2014 – almost five years ago now – an article identified 11 restaurants that still make men wear jackets, proclaiming that “some restaurants will never go casual.” The very premise was a suggestion that even fancier restaurants are doing just that – going casual – and this process has only intensified in the years since. That doesn’t mean you can show up at the French restaurant in London in your nightgown, but more casual attire has certainly gotten more acceptable. What many people mistake however is that this doesn’t necessarily mean casual is preferred. At most fancy restaurants around the world, you can still show up in formal, high-end attire, and fit in all the better for it.

Stage Theatres

The argument here is basically the same as that for restaurants. theatre article on the subject of increasingly casual attire noted that because theatre can be inaccessible already, telling people to dress a certain way is unfair. For this reason, a lot of stage theatres now have more relaxed dress codes, or else no dress codes at all. However, there’s still a certain classic, vintage air to theatre entertainment, and formal attire captures and matches that atmosphere all the better. As with fancy restaurants, you’ll certainly see people in major theatres these days in graphic tees and dark jeans – and more power to them! But the theatre is still a wonderful opportunity to flaunt your fashionista side as well.


The whole nature of casinos has changed over the last 25 years or so. Casinos are all about entertainment and the potential to win big, and for this reason, we’ve discovered people don’t much care where they play or how they look when they do it. As games have become more available and more popular online, people have grown used to playing in sweatpants and tees, and – seemingly as a result – attire at actual live casinos has also grown progressively more casual. However, should you choose to visit a venue like this, perhaps with a stop at a fancy casino restaurant or bar along the way, you can absolutely dress to the nines and look perfectly natural. No matter how casual the gaming gets, there’s still an association with casinos and high roller culture, and if you dress up you’ll simply be playing to the latter.

Specific Celebrations

Some of the best opportunities to dress up today are specific celebrations for personal occasions. That might mean a nephew’s college graduation, a high school reunion, a friend’s wedding, a family anniversary, or any number of other things. But let’s be dead honest about this sort of event: it’s always nice to dress up and look your best around the people you care about most! So don’t neglect these occasions as great chances to wear your very best.