Craving Comfort in Clothing

Imani Clovis / CC0 1.0

‘Fast fashion’ uses inferior-quality materials and an underpaid outsourced workforce to create throwaway clothing. The ‘conscientious consumer’ movement is all about investing in high-quality pieces that will both last a lifetime and keep you looking stylish. Within this, there’s a growing demand for comfortable clothing that allows you to both looks and feels good as you live your best life.

Recent academic research calculated that robots are set to begin to replace jobs such as that of a fashion model and retail salesperson, as machines already replaced many human tailors. Buying from independent, ethical designers concerned with sustainability means receiving a handmade or hand-finished garment handled with love and care throughout the design and assembly process.

Here at Fashion Bloc, we always cared about sustainability and ethics in the fashion world, so here are a few brands that we feel stick to those values, all while making the comfiest, most wearable clothes possible!

Lucy & Yak 

A relatively young brand, Lucy & Yak are known for their dedicated teams based in both Barnsley, South Yorkshire, in the U.K. and Rajasthan in India. What began as a small business selling handmade dungarees has quickly transformed into a full-blown ethical clothing company focused on sustainability, providing a living wage to their workers, and making gorgeous, comfy clothing.

They kept their classic, slouchy dungarees available in a variety of different jazzy fabrics, but now also make trousers, jeans, oversized tees and jumpers as well as the cosiest fluffy jackets made from recycled plastic bottles. Vocal promoters of ‘the comfort movement’ in fashion, this exciting new brand pushes boundaries both sartorially with their designs and ethically with their dedication to recycling, reusing and using ethically sourced fabrics. It’s perfect if you want something a bit different!

Photo by Cam Morin / CC0 1.0
Photo by Cam Morin / CC0 1.0

Beyond Skin 

Since 2001, Beyond Skin has been creating stylish, cruelty-free footwear from vegan fabrics. During this time, they received plenty of celebrity endorsement about how comfortable their shoes are — most notably long-time vegan Natalie Portman is a vocal advocate who even wears her Beyond Skin shoes on the red carpet. Ethical footwear is stereotypically ugly, clunky and not suitable for a wide range of situations. However, this established brand makes shoes for every occasion, from trainers to stylish ankle boots to heels fit for any party.

Based in the U.K., all the company’s products originate in Alicante, Spain, where workers receive a fair wage and plenty of extra support from the company. This brand goes the extra mile to make sure that their creations are sustainably and ethically made, all while remaining drop-dead gorgeous.

People Tree 

When it comes to the first word in ethical fashion, People Tree have been right there on the frontline for over 25 years. Paving the way for upcoming designers such as the ones mentioned in this article, People Tree transformed fair-trade fashion into something desirable and stylish while tirelessly working towards a sustainable clothing future. Their clothing ranges from comfortable everyday clothing to stunning evening wear. They even partnered with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London to create a sensational capsule collection using vintage pattern prints.

While always beautiful, People Tree clothing is also a dream to wear due to their use of natural fabrics and people-shaped style designs. Based in the U.K., they fight for a worldwide conscientious fashion community.

There are plenty of sustainable and ethical fashion brands out there — much more than you would first think. Even further, the popularity of high-end brands like Stella McCartney also brings these critical values to the world of high fashion and couture, so it’s only a matter of time until the whole world embraces comfy guilt-free clothing. Why not get a head start on the crowd? Comfy and cruelty-free are always on trend.