Audimas collaboration with Ieva Daugirdaite – AW collection inspired by old photo albums

Facing the upcoming autumn, designer Ieva Daugirdaite and activewear brand Audimas have built a bridge between generations.

On Tuesday evening, Audimas and Ieva Daugirdaite collaboration has united past and present generations. Designer Ieva Daugirdaite said “I found the inspiration for the collection through old photo albums of myself and my parents. I noticed that there were similarities in each generation, which I wanted to combine at least a little bit, ”.

Collection was introduced not only by the designer herself but also by slow fashion expert and founder of Fashion Bloc agency Ieva Zubaviciute.


Collection highlights are earthy colors and cozy fabrics. Equally important is the invitation to experiment with menswear and womenswear clothes. Designer invites to ditch the standard norms and rather wear the collection as Unisex. “Fashion is currently overflowing with everything. With this collection, I wanted to go back to simple, humane moments and create clothes that are simple but fun, without the need for a special mood or occasion to wear, and easily fit into an existing wardrobe.” said Ieva Daugirdaite.


Moments from the event:






Photos by Audrius Solominas