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Fashion Bloc was founded in 2013 by Ieva Zu, a Lithuanian-born Londoner, fashion journalist and headhunter in luxury fashion. It was initially born as a personal initiative to find and support fashion talent from the underreported and unfamiliar part of the world – former Eastern Bloc with a rising fashion talent pool yet to be discovered.

Today, Fashion Bloc is a guide to the contemporary fashion scene of the new Europe helping to see and reach European designer brands through a mix of daily features, news, interviews and seasonal designer collections. We hope that our content will help to explore the new Europe and its emerging fashion capitals that already shape our modern world.


Made in Europe is our first and foremost value. We believe in the positive fashion and try to support our values by promoting designers who design and manufacture locally. Fashion Bloc aims to build a community of the designer brands who strive to become sustainable and responsible fashion creators with a positive footprint in our society.

We believe that fashion is and should be a statement; political, social or environmental – we love fashion statements and designers who are not just labels. We think that fashion can also make a positive change in the world and we celebrate positive fashion stories from around the world to inspire our readers and our designers.


Thanks to the rising generation of new fashion and creative talent, emerging Europe is in the midst of the tremendous change. Fashion Bloc is on a mission to help the designers from new fashion capitals reach international audiences, and our international readers’ pool find their new favourite designer brands.

We are firm believers in the content. Our Editorial content celebrates our values and fashion talents from the new Europe. We strive to educate our readers – help them find and aspire to the meaningful, positive, inspiring and groundbreaking projects in fashion. We are on a mission to provide best quality fashion stories that will beautifully compliment the designer profiles and collections we showcase on the website.

We believe that knowledge is bliss. Our extended projects are aiming to educate young designer brands and aspiring fashion entrepreneurs helping them build sustainable businesses to successfully grow their creative ventures internationally.

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