Ramune Piekautaite

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A woman is a dreamer and a doer. A woman is romantic and elegant; she is also confident and independent. A woman of Ramune Piekautaite is a strong character with a charming exterior.

Famous for its timeless and elegant designs this Lithuanian fashion house has built its name as one of the most respected and best-known fashion brands in the country. Specialising in luxury womenswear and elegant classics Ramune Piekautaite relates to a woman who is a modern soul with timeless virtues.

Ramune Piekautaite founded the brand in 1997, a Creative Director and a business woman who has been leading her own name label to success changing with times but holding firm on its essence. Read her story on Fashion Bloc.

  • Country of Production: Lithuania
  • Production locality: In-house
  • Main materials used: Wool, Cotton, Leather, Silk
  • Price range: £13 – £375

Ramune Piekautaite takes bespoke and bridal orders for special occasions, to find out more and order your unique piece, contact the designer directly.

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