Diligent Clothes

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Brave, bold and beautiful – the three words that best describe Polish street-lux designer brand DILIGENT. Diligent is dreaming, experimenting, and re-defining contemporary luxury, designed and made in Poland.

Born in 2013 this young designer brand by Szymon Mrózek and Marta Pospieszna is playing with colours and fabrics to create wearable extravaganza, something in between refined style and luxurious street wear.

This contemporary designer brand produces both, womenswear and menswear collections often using same or similar styles for both deleting the gender gap.

Born to discover – Szymon and Marta are happy, creative engines who aim to create clothes that look good and feels good. All designs are made in fair conditions; no animals were hurt in the production process. Follow their story on Fashion Bloc.

  • Country of Production: Poland
  • Production locality: Local factory
  • Main materials used: Wool, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Silk, Cashmere, Velvet
  • Price range: £40 – £400

To find out more, contact Diligent clothes directly.


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