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KAS KRYST  is a Polish fashion brand designed and manufactured locally in Poland from locally sourced materials; usually black, very often contrasting.

Brand’s Creative Director Katarzyna Kryst, or Kasia (a short version of her name in Polish), has been named a winner of numerous Fashion competitions and awards in Poland and is a very well known emerging designer in her local market. Design, however, was not her first career – before graduating from the Arts Academy and starting her own label Kasia was a Psychologist and a professional ballroom dancer for over 14 years.

Ironically, her collections are far from romantic feathers often seen on the dance floor or bright positivity-encouraging colours as recommended by psychotherapists. Kas Kryst is an all-black brand with few exceptions. Established in 2013, KAS KRYST has become a must-have for edgy-dark lovers. KAS KRYST offers two collections per season: a catwalk collection for the adventurous fashion experimentalists and a basic collection of wearable casual basics.

  • Country of Production: Poland
  • Production locality: Local factory, in-house
  • Main materials used: Leather, Wool, Cotton, Polyester
  • Price range: £45 – £535

KAS KRYST takes bespoke orders, to find out more about the brand or order your bespoke product, contact the designer directly.



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