Smart Booby

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Once a statement now a norm. All good things start as innovations and become widely used. The same has happened with colourful socks. Once perceived as extravagant, now a standard, even in Silicon Valley.

Smart Booby is a Lithuanian accessories brand producing colourful socks of high quality and fun design. Smart Booby (named after a little bird) was founded in 2014 by a colour-obsessed designer Simona Valikonyte. The great thing about Smart Booby is – your socks can become your statement piece, even a part of your personality. Smart Booby is much more than just colourful socks – they stand out with the quirky illustrations revealing your character.

Initially, men’s socks brand Smart Booby today is designing socks for both men and women.  All this was just so natural – sock envy has been spreading like an unnecessary virus. Smart Booby Socks owners have noticed an increased number of sock-acquisition incidents initiated by their female partners, and something had to change. Fortunately, everyone can now wear a pair of his or her own Smart Booby.

  • Country of Production: Latvia, Estonia
  • Production locality: European factories
  • Main Materials used: Cotton, Polyester, Elastane, Micromodal (for women’s socks)
  • Price range: £9

To find out more about the brand or special orders, contact the designer directly.


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