Tegul Bega

Let them run, let them dance, let them be the centre of attention.

Tegul Bėga is a Lithuanian contemporary streetwear brand for the fancy legs. Tegul bėga in Lithuanian translates as ‘let them run’. Let your legs run free from stereotypes, beauty standards and fashion rules.

Specialising in extraordinary leggings, Tegul Bėga was launched in 2016 by Ruta Lapienyte, a girl who knew how to dress-up the traditional leggings. Leggings draped in velvet? Crystal embroidered leggings? Fringed leggings? Yes to all! Any colour, any combination, any graphic. Ruta even takes individual orders – you can have your custom leggings in no time. You might think that leggings is leggings but once you discover Tegul Bega, there is no way back.

All products are designed and manufactured in Lithuania, using a local production company, a supervision and quality control is performed by the designer herself.

  • Country of production: Lithuania
  • Production locality: Local
  • Main materials used: Polyester, Elastan, Spandex, Lycra
  • Price range: £60 – £90

To contact a designer directly and order a bespoke pair of leggings, email Ruta Lapienyte directly.

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