The Knotty Ones

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Just a bit knotty like we all are.

The Knotty Ones is a life-project, not just a brand. Founded in 2014 by three best friends Sandra, Danute and Akvile, The Knotty Ones aims to bring traditional knitting crafts back in style. Knitting was once a long-practiced craft by women in Lithuania. The days when hand-made was a necessity, not a luxury, has long gone, but the art of knitting is back in fashion.

Launched as a knitwear brand, embracing stay-at-home mums aka bad-ass knitters, The Knotty Ones today is a contemporary womenswear and unisex brand for everyday essentials. Style and comfort come hand-in-hand, with ethical produce and sustainable supply chain at the core of the brand values. All materials used are natural; all people employed – happy and beautiful.

But don’t be misguided – ethical fashion can also be naughty, sometimes. Making knitwear craftsmanship sexy again, The Knotty Ones looks best when combined with a zest of attitude.

  • Country of Production: Lithuania
  • Production locality: In-house, Local Factory
  • Main Materials used: Wool, Cotton, Linen, Organic Cotton
  • Price range: £97 – £169

To find out more about the brand or special orders, contact the designer directly.

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