Vaidas Macas

Fashion is a cycle. A history that comes back in new forms in the hands of the visionaries. In the hands of the Lithuanian designer, artist and curator Vaidas Macas, fashion is re-imagined aesthetics of the past centuries, enhanced with modern functionality and fluidity.

Vaidas Macas, a jewellery and ceramic designer, has launched his first luxury womenswear collection in 2017 celebrating baroque inspired fashion. His bespoke luxury collection, however, is nothing but functional. His emphasis is on the free movement of clothes – each item is multifunctional and completely transformable yet feminine and elegant.

Produced and made in Lithuania, in-house, using Italian and local fabrics, immaculate finish with hand-stitching.

  • Country of Production: Lithuania
  • Production locality: In-house studio
  • Main materials used: Wool, Cotton, Silk, Synthetic Leather, Cashmere, Precious metals, Ceramic

Price range: £290 – £2000

To find out more, contact the studio directly:

Mobile: 00370 688 44121


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Vaidas Macas
Vaidas Macas
Vaidas Macas