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What is DIY Monthly?

DIY (do it yourself) Monthly is an email sent to your inbox on the first Monday of each month. A fashion consultancy packed in one clever email, saving you hundreds and thousands of pounds at the early stages of your business growth.

DIY Email will help you with:

  • Building brand awareness & getting press coverage
  • Finding retailers
  • Choosing right tradeshows and showrooms
  • Finding emerging designer-friendly producers and manufacturers
  • Discovering and entering competitions and awards
  • Building industry relationships
  • Finding business mentors

What’s in the email?

  • DIY PR: A Fashion Magazine of the month including their specific submission request and an editor to contact.
  • DIY SALES: A Retail Opportunity in the UK + A Wholesale profile, for example, a tradeshow or a multi-brand showroom in Europe
  • DIY Production: A trusted Manufacturer as recommended by our partners Utelier + production and supply management tips
  • Meet the Insider: An exclusive know-how interview + contact details of the industry insider
  • Calendar Alert: One essential date to your fashion calendar for the upcoming months, for example, a fashion competition or an international award
  • Opportunity of the Month: One exclusive consultancy, mentorship or a similar opportunity with an industry expert to win each month
  • Invaluable know-how, advice, tips and templates complimenting each email

How does it work?

The email is produced by Fashion Bloc, a fashion platform based in London supporting independent fashion brands. Our aim is to enable as many emerging designers as possible to access the industry knowledge and contacts we have for an affordable price. Read our guide on how to effectively use DIY Monthly Fashion Agency subscription HERE.

Who should subscribe?

  • Emerging fashion brands
  • Aspiring fashion brands looking to build their contact database and industry know-how
  • Established fashion brands from emerging destinations looking to grow internationally
Monthly Subscription (£20/month)
  • 1 email per month with insider fashion business information, paid monthly
Yearly Subscription (£216/year)
  • 1 email per month with insider fashion business information, paid yearly
  • DIY – after 3 months, you can request a modified edit of your email according to your needs, for example, more PR, less Sales, find out more in our FAQ.
  • 10% total discount if you choose a yearly plan

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) otherwise known as useful information:

  • Who are you? We are a small team of London-based fashion professionals (Fashion Bloc + friends) who team up every month to share expertise and insider’s knowledge of the fashion industry.
  • What is this subscription for? Email membership is designed for all emerging and aspiring product-based fashion brands and independent designers. It is especially useful if you are trying to grow your brand internationally, regardless where you’re based (London or Kiev…)
  • When will I receive my first email?

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