An Open Letter To Fashion Bloc Community

This might be news to some; over 8 years ago, Fashion Bloc was born as my Master’s project at London College of Fashion. Initially, it stood for fashion from [former] Eastern Bloc, representing upcoming designers and brands from New European destinations - Ukraine to Lithuania. I pioneered huge creative ideas from unknown destinations, discovered my passion for helping creative talent, and found my mission to help build a more inclusive and fair industry. 8 years, dozens of brands and multiple projects fast-forward, the concept has changed, transformed and expanded, becoming geographically agnostic and sector-inclusive. I have evolved, my mission has matured, and my dedication to positive impact is stronger than ever. Today is a beginning of a new chapter for Fashion Bloc by IEVAZU (that’s my name and two first letters of my last name).

Fashion Bloc has been built and still is based on my personal values: transparency, collaboration, positive impact, diversity and inclusivity. Together with partners, I have been implementing those values through different projects: education to consulting and investment. The time has come to unite all those projects under one umbrella with a mission remaining unchanged — help grow positive impact businesses in fashion and lifestyle.

I work in an industry that has been responsible for the degradation of our natural resources and is disrespectful of our societies. As much as I love craftsmanship, innovation and creative talent, I deeply care about social justice and the prospects of our planet earth. I decided to make it my mission to help build better business practices with people and the planet at the centre. Even if my services at Fashion Bloc has changed and evolved in time, I have decided to keep my business name going forward. It has a sentimental value to me, and essentially the original Fashion Bloc concept has all the right ingredients: democracy, inclusivity, authenticity and transparency were always at the core of all our projects.

A new website, featuring my recent projects and collaborations is not the only change to Fashion Bloc. I have also decided to only keep my LinkedIn account for professional communication and close other @fashionbloc social accounts that have been managed by my wonderful team member Laura, follow her on Instagram @larawild.

Let's work together to build a better industry.



Founder & CEO, Fashion Bloc by IEVAZU