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My career began as a journalist in 2006; After moving to London in 2011, I merged it with fashion and luxury recruitment. I am positive that both these career paths, people-centric and research-heavy, developed me as a professional. I operate in four main areas: Recruitment, Strategy, Investment and Education, concentrating on adding value to purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs.



Full-circle Recruitment and Team Strategy

Retaining talent will become the biggest challenge for companies without a purpose. I concentrate on helping good companies become better using a diversity, inclusivity and values-driven recruitment approach. I operate as an on-demand and in-house recruiter and team strategist, working directly with founders and investors, recruiting talent in the fashion, technology, and consumer goods industries.


Investing in sustainability pioneers

Since 2019 I started investing in purpose-driven brands and startups. I work directly and closely with founders as an advisor and Board Member, focusing on strategy, people and culture. I am especially excited about partnering with entrepreneurs who solve equality, diversity and transparency problems in the fashion industry. Closing a gender gap in financing for startups is another personal mission I make part of my investment strategy.


Strategy Consultancy

Since 2012 I have been working with fashion entrepreneurs from across UK and Europe. My focus is on helping founders build their ventures with a sustainable business strategy in mind. I am a product oriented strategy advisor with a keen eye on missed opportunities. Sharing my entrepreneurial experience and extensive network, I help founders get through the bumps.


Guest Speaking and Mentoring

With the aim to connect the industry and academia, I regularly engage with academia as a guest speaker. Besides, I co-created a boutique fashion business conference helping fashion entrepreneurs access international connections & know-how. Within three years, we produced ten industry events, over 80 hours of seminars delivered by 20+ international industry experts, professors and investors.

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