INVESTMENT in Good On You, sustainable and ethical brand rating app connecting conscious shoppers to better brands powered by the world’s most comprehensive brand rating system. Good On You trusted independent ethical brand ratings solve a real problem for the millions of consumers looking to shop better, and the retailers looking to reach them.

Founded in 2013 by Gordon Renouf and Sandra Capponi, Good On You first launched in Australia in 2015 but rolled out in Europe in 2018 to become the largest app of its kind in the world.

Storing data for thousands of brands worldwide, the app allows users to type in the name of a brand or a type of garment and instantly see a rating out-of-five and a summary of just how ethical the company is.

Using information from the brand’s own reported data, certification schemes and investigations by NGOs such as Greenpeace, the app ranks brands in many areas. Good On You is a service everyone needs and solves everyday problems for millions of users. 

I joined Good On You Seed round after following Good On You for a while and having spoken with Sandra many times about the business, but also about the industry and its problems. This investment was a strong personal alignment but also an obvious business opportunity with a vast growth potential pioneering a new business model. Another example of investing in diverse teams and international startups. Working closely with the founders I will be helping with the recruitment of the team.

A new round helps Good On You grow and establish itself in the new markets, expand the team and venture into new categories.

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