INVESTMENT in The Knotty Ones, a contemporary ethical knitwear brand from Lithuania empowering craftswomen who make their sustainable knits. 

The Knotty Ones was founded by three best friends — Sandra, Danute and Akvile — who believed that it’s nice to be cool, but it’s cooler to be nice. Like many of us, the three spent their early twenties chasing the latest fashion trends and fads. This quickly started to change back in 2014 as they took time off to travel around South East Asia, where they learned about the dark side of the fast fashion industry. Back in Europe — after not finding a knit that was sustainable, had a contemporary feel and empowered people making it — they set out to create one themselves. Today, based between Brooklyn, New York, and Vilnius, Lithuania, the three young women are in pursuit of changing the industry one knit at a time.

There are millions of garment workers around the world. Roughly 85% of them are women. Many of them face inhumane working conditions and earn below a living wage. The Knotty Ones power-women wanted to create something that made you feel good wearing it. Not only because you looked great, but also because you knew that women who made your sweater got paid fairly, worked in a safe environment, and enjoyed themselves in the process. TKO employ craftswomen, mostly stay-at-home moms, around Lithuania. The majority of them live in villages and small towns where jobs are extremely scarce. It’s an excellent way for women to earn fair wages and provide for themselves and their beautiful families.

Our friendship with The Knotty Ones started in the dawn of Fashion Bloc and, through the years, materialised in the investment which helped The Knotty Ones to become the first fashion brand in Lithuania that raised 0.5 mln EUR in the Seed round. Investing in the all-female founding team also contributed to the fraction of investor money female-founded startups attract (approximately 2%).

I am a Lead Investor in The Knotty Ones and sit on the Board. I am looking after and assisting the founders with the strategy, preparation for the new round and team growth. TKO is my most hands-on investment so far and I have been thoroughly enjoying this journey as I have an opportunity to shape the growth of an amazing social enterprise.

This investment new round helps The Knotty Ones reach new markets, develop a digital marketing strategy and grow the team.

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