Investing In The Knotty Ones Is Adding To 2%

In January I announced the news of  joining The Knotty Ones (as a seed investor) on their journey of empowering women while creating a kick-ass sustainable luxury product at the same time. History in the making, too: The first fashion brand to raise 0.5 mln EUR Seed round in Lithuania.

This has been the first time for me personally to lead the investment round, the journey of over one year that gave me an opportunity to learn many new skills (including, negotiating via Zoom).

This investment has also been a great way for me to test my investment thesis, whether it's time or money is being invested (which is the same thing, essentially): Helping grow positive impact brands and businesses in sustainable innovation.

Besides enabling local communities and sustaining traditional craftmanship (working with stay-at-home mums and other ace knitters in Lithuania) and creating the best product with the best available sustainable resources, The Knotty Ones is also the all-female founder startup, adding to the minority (just below 2%) of VC-backed female-led startups.

Read more here about The Knotty Ones and my involvement with this wonderful team.